FAQ’s On Cakes & Baked Goods


Q. With how much time in advance should I order a cake?

A. 15 days at least. Our schedule fills up quick and time is precious for you and us. Sometimes we have minute openings, but do know we charge a $25 fee with less than 15-10 days, $35 fee for less than 10-7 days, and $50 fee for 7-5 days. No orders will be considered with less than a 5 day timeline.

Q. How much is a cake?

A. It can start anywhere between $40-50 dollars, but it all depends on the size, ingredients, florals, botanicals, time & complexity of execution, decor, and so on…

Q. Are all your baked goods Gluten Free?

A. YES!! We don’t even remember what it is to bake with regular flour.

Q. What types of flours do you use?

A. An array of flours we have found to work best: rice flour, brown rice flour, almond flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, oat flour and tigernut flour (for those with nut allergies).

Q. Are your baked goods vegan?

A. For the most part, yes, but sometimes we use local eggs and butter, so please specify if you want your cake to be fully vegan. We also make our own vegan butter, however it contains coconut, so please specify if you have any coconut allergies.

Q. What types of florals do you use? Can I eat them?

A. It depends what is in season. We grow all the flowers ourselves and are safe to eat! So please do as we not only use flowers because they are beautiful, but because of their medicinal properties. We are all about making plant medicine a lot more fun to integrate into your life. Roses are a powerful heart medicine, lemon balm is a mood lifter, calendula has an affinity for the gut and skin, chamomile for digestion… and the list is endless.

Q. Do you deliver or pick up?

A. Either way. We charge a starting $5 delivery fee in the New Orleans area. Free pick up in the lower garden district.

Q. Do you cater?

A. BIG YES! We can make you a wedding cake, birthday cake, a variety of dessert table… and even cocktails! These can be worked around your event’s theme, colors and even star signs. We also offer gluten free savory options, but we go case by case to see if it’s something we have the capacity and heart to do.

FAQ’s On Apothecary & Consults.

Q. Do you make all of your tinctures, salves, glycerites, tea blends, etc?

A. Yes, these are my own formulations. Tested over the years. And make in consistent formulas, so your medicine is always effective.

Q. Are your items made from fresh or dried herbs?

A. Both! It depends on the plant and what we’re trying to extract from it. We also grow herbals in our garden, and/or use from trusted sources.

Q. Are your items organic?

A. Yes, in medicine making we want to have clean and high quality medicine.

Q. Do you do consultations online?

A. Yes, and also provide personal medicine for you.

Q. Did you study herbalism?

A. I did! And continue to do so. Although I am all about self teaching, I believe there is a powerful and intentional learning experience you just can’t get through books and the internet (plus the internet can be very confusing and misleading when talking about herbalism and nutrition). Teachers and mentors are unique and golden sources of information. I also have studied Plant-Based & Gluten Free Culinary, Immunology, Culinary Nutrition, Health Coaching, and currently on a two year program of Holistic Women’s Health.