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Healing Through Foods & Herbs

Food is the base for our health to be optimal. Now-a-days we have all these confusing diets that promise results, but are not sustainable and give little education on why and how certain foods work. While reducing animal products from your diet will significantly improve your health, there are many other factors to consider: sugars, expelled oils, processed foods, and top allergens like wheat & soy, all of which are found in many “vegan” products, are not natural and may actually be making you sick. These ingredients do not only lack nutrients, but are not recognized by our bodies and are not metabolized correctly. Herbs also carry energetics and compounds that can better support our journey to healing. While we can focus on your diet we also believe that using the right herbs for each individual are great allies to achieve better results.

How I can help

By working together we will understand your body & lifestyle, any issues you may be dealing with -physical and/or emotional; any weight, allergy, blood sugar levels, hormones, gut, fatigue, skin or any other health problem you need more help to work out through diet and herbs.

First consults last 30 minutes to an hour, where we talk about your health issues, needs, lifestyle and more! These take part in your home since I also need to take a peek of your fridge, pantry, cleaning and beauty items to give a proper evaluation, and talk more about certain foods and labels. After this consult a unique plan is created for yourself with the best foods, herbs, suggested formulas, supplements and skin products. Follow-ups may be needed. Tinctures and herbal supplements are charged separately.

What you will learn…

Understand why it is important to change health and attitude habits/patterns.

How to naturally detoxify, eat for great skin, and nourish and heal your gut.

How your body works and how to break food addictions & cravings.

How to properly combine foods for digestion and reduce allergies & intolerances.

How to boost energy and health with everyday foods and superfoods.

How to improve sleeping habits and improve your immune function.

How to improve blood sugar level & cholesterol, and how to reduce pain & inflammation.

How to make healthy choices when eating out and traveling.

How to incorporate light exercise & stress reduction techniques.

How to live healthy on a budget, grocery shop for health, and naturally prevent & control chronic diseases.

About Liliana​

Our co-owner, Liliana Ruiz-Healy, found her way to health through food and herbs after many years of dealing with weight and skin issues, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances and two steps away from diabetes. All of this after trying all types of diets, visits to countless doctors & hours at the gym with no results. She soon decided it was time to start making changes of her own. Being such a food lover and passionate cooks since a young age, it was really challenging to sacrifice good flavors for what we assume are “healthy boring foods”.

Her first major change was going vegetarian, and a few months later transitioned into veganism, but it still was not working… So she started her studies in Health Coaching at Dr Sears Wellness Center, which gave her an understanding of how food and the body works. After a short while, she completed her studies in Culinary Nutrition, where her practice deepened into a plant-based and gluten-free healthy lifestyle and herbalism.

She soon left to Upstate New York and did a dreamy internship in The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine, where she shadowed and learned from naturopathists, nutritionists, oncologists, MD’s, and nurse practitioners who only treat patients through alternative and integrative medicine and saw major transformations in their lives through the devotion and excellent know-how of trained doctors who believe and practice a more natural way of healing, which involves not only physical health but mental and spiritual.

While being there, she developed a 100% organic, plant-based, and gluten-free food program for patients, paying careful attention to what certain patients needed in their diets depending on their specific health issues.

After then she completed studies in Plant-Based Culinary Arts and Raw Desserts under Matthew Kenny’s former school PLANTLAB.

In 2020, she joined Samara Herb School to deepen her herbal practices with a less clinical approach and more connected to the land. Later that year she completed her studies in Immunology at Harvard HMX.

She’s been a yoga practitioner since 2014, getting a 200 YTT and understanding that having a practice that works around the mind, body and spirit goes beyond the physical practice and considers food and herbs to be an important factor that ties in with it.

A Mexican native who is passionate about her culture, food, and health, with a strong belief in being transparent about the ingredients she uses in her menu, as food should be a path to healing. And a strong belief of making this lifestyle sustainable, fun and tasty.

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