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Got questions about a product in the South of Eden shop, or curious about my health & wellness consults? Find your answers here.


As great as it is to see herbalism getting more recognition for being supportive to overall health (as it’s been for thousands of years!) most “off the shelf” herbal products have been formulated to be less potent or are crafted with poor quality ingredients. Every South of Eden product has been formulated by me personally, with the utmost intention and care, using the highest quality organic ingredients available.

Yes! Everything in the South of Eden shop has been carefully formulated by me. Over the years I have tested and perfected these formulations to make sure they are consistent and effective. I can also customize blends to suit your specific needs. For more info on this, take a look at my Consults page.

Both! Depending on the plant and what it’s being used for, sometimes fresh is best and other times dried herbs work better.
Some of the organic herbs and plants I use are grown in the South of Eden garden! Whatever I’m unable to grow myself, I’ll always try to source from local herb growers first, and if they don’t have what I need, I purchase from one of my trusted online vendors. After years of working with herbs and plants I’ve been lucky to establish strong relationships with other herb enthusiasts.

Herbs, plants, bark, and flowers can be soaked in alcohol to extract their medicinal and therapeutic properties. What’s left after this process is a potent herbal ally. Tinctures can be taken directly by squeezing a few drops into the mouth, or you can dissolve them in water, depending on your preference. Please note – they are not a “magic cure”. They’re intended to be used in tandem with nutritious, wholesome foods. Their effectiveness increases over time – you will notice subtle yet impactful changes to your overall well being the longer you use them.

A glycerite is also an herbal extraction, made using the same principles as a tincture, but instead of alcohol, glycerin is used as a solvent. Glycerites are a great option for anyone who cannot consume alcohol, like pregnant or nursing folks, or children.
Yes! In medicine making it’s important to use the cleanest ingredients available.


If you’re experiencing feelings of imbalance – physically, emotionally, spiritually – and you’re open to making small but mighty changes, my integrative wellness consultations may be a good fit. I guide you as we look at your overall health, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness routines, and assess the current products you use. My holistic approach takes into consideration where you are now and gently supports you as you make impactful shifts towards a healthier you! Click here for more info about consults.

May I suggest approaching time together with mutual respect and openness. You are dedicating your energy towards something new – and I deeply respect that. And as I am holding this space for you, I also ask that you respect my time, energy, and expertise. To get the most out of the work we do together, I encourage you to set aside this time to be completely free from distractions and other commitments. This allows both of us to be fully present to each other.

Yes. Consults are available on Zoom by appointment and can be booked via this form.

Yes! If you’re in the New Orleans area, I can come to your home. Together, we can go through your pantry to look at what kind of foods you’re consuming and we’ll also assess the other products you’re using – like any beauty or skincare items.
I did! And continue to do so. Although I am all about self-teaching, I believe there is a powerful and intentional learning experience you just can’t get through books and the internet – plus the internet can be very confusing and misleading when talking about herbalism and nutrition. Teachers and mentors are unique and golden sources of information. I’ve also studied Plant-Based & Gluten Free Culinary, Immunology, Culinary Nutrition, Health Coaching, and am currently on a two year program studying Holistic Women’s Health under Dr. Aviva Romm.


I home brew every batch of kombucha with love, intention, and care – and I’m not just using the usual ‘buch ingredients, either. South of Eden kombucha has been crafted specifically to offer you medicinal support in every sip. The herbs I use are carefully selected to work in harmony, giving your gut a boost while also delighting your taste buds. You won’t find kombucha like this anywhere else!
Kombucha’s acidity and the presence of “good bacteria” means it can be safely stored in your fridge for up to 6 months. But I’m certain once you try SofE ‘buch you’ll polish it off long before then!
Anyone who suffers from yeast overgrowth – like candida – should avoid drinking kombucha and consuming fermented foods, as doing so could aggravate your condition.
Kombucha exists for therapeutic purposes – it’s not designed to be gulped down by the bottle-full. I recommend drinking 1/2 – 1 cup of kombucha every day to maintain good gut health.


15 days at least. Our schedule fills up quickly and time is precious for you and us. Sometimes we have minute openings, but do know we charge a $25 fee with less than 15-10 days, $35 fee for less than 10-7 days, and $50 fee for 7-5 days. No orders will be considered with less than a 5 day timeline.
It can start anywhere between $40-50 dollars, but it all depends on the size, ingredients, florals, botanicals, time & complexity of execution, decor, and so on…
YES!! I don’t even remember what it is to bake with regular flour.
An array of flours I have found to work best: rice flour, brown rice flour, almond flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, oat flour and tigernut flour (for those with nut allergies).
For the most part, yes, but sometimes I use local eggs and butter, so please specify if you want your cake to be fully vegan. I also make my own vegan butter, however it contains coconut, so please specify if you have any coconut allergies.
It depends what’s in season. I grow all the flowers myself and they are safe to eat! So please know I not only use flowers because they are beautiful, but because of their medicinal properties. I am all about making plant medicine a lot more fun to integrate into your life. Roses are a powerful heart medicine, lemon balm is a mood lifter, calendula has an affinity for the gut and skin, chamomile for digestion… and the list is endless.
Either way. We charge a starting $5 delivery fee in the New Orleans area. Free pick up in the lower garden district.
BIG YES! I can make you a wedding cake, birthday cake, a variety of dessert treats… and even cocktails! These can be worked around your event’s theme, colors and even star signs. I also offer gluten free savory options, but I go case by case to see if it’s something I have the capacity and heart to do.

Still got questions? I’m here to help!