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Cramp Soother


Herbs to sooth cramps, support digestion and ease muscles. Dosage is recommended, but it’s safe to take a bit more than recommended when cramps get out of control.

For best results, begin taking 1-3 days before period. Use alongside with Womb Salve, to alleviate cramps.

Crampbark: exceptional at relieving muscle cramps. It has a special affinity for smooth muscle tissues but works well for striated muscles as well. Considered a uterine decongestant which addressees bloating, cramping before menstruation, as well as delayed menses.

Motherwort: an emmenagogue, which is an herb that is used to promote delayed mensies, indicated when there is scanty menstruation or cramps associated with delayed menstruation. Many herbalists recommend using it regularly to tone the uterus, which reduces menstrual cramping in the future.

Cacao: high in magnesium, iron and anti-inflammatory properties which can help combat moodiness, promote calmness, and relax tense muscles. (Interesting fact: the reason we typically crave chocolate when experiencing PMS is because of low magnesium levels!)

Chamomile: The mild sedative effects of chamomile may help to ease cramps and PMS symptoms.

Ginger: a study published in Phytotherapy Research found it to help alleviate period cramps and reduce heavy blood flows


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