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The Mind Tonic



Your brain is an electric neural universe rich with memories, emotions, dreams, and desires. It guides how you present yourself, the way you see, taste, smell and absorb the world.

How you feel mentally affects your body and the balance of your neurotransmitters in the brain; your physical health influences your emotional and mental health. Not only are foods and herbs vital to the brain’s oxygenation and nutrition -it consumes 25 percent of your body’s oxygen and nutrients and 70% of its glucose (the brain’s preferred fuel); but how you pattern your thoughts on a day-to-day is just as crucial.

Your neural universe ecosystem begins to degrade into a clutter of tangles that interfere with data transmission: problems with memory + cognition come in many forms and for many reasons, from chronic or acute stress, to brain trauma or aging, fatigue, flighty attention, or the inability to perform cognitive tasks for work and play.

The Mind Tonic Tincture contains herbs that assist brain function in multiple ways. that can revitalize neurotransmitter + nerve function, promoting not only a better state of mind, improved memory, cognition but also increase consciousness.

GOTU KOLA Studies support gotu kola’s ability to improve mood + cognition also decreasing anxiety, improving circulation and blood vessel integrity, as well as the body’s ability to use glucose (the primary brain fuel) for energy when blood sugar levels are low. Gotu also acts as a calm-source and helps relieve stress.

LION’S MANE helps nerve cells regenerate, something generally considered impossible. Preliminary yet impressive research suggests that it contains nerve growth factors that help stimulate nerve growth, heal nerve damage, improve brain function and cognition, and fight dementia.

ROSEMARY known as the herb of remembrance, she has gained popularity in boosting cognition, this is, supporting our focus and memory. It is often recommended to smell a sprig while studying or engaging in any activity that requires our focus.

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