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Custom cakes are created by you, me, available seasonal flowers, herbs and fruits. I’d highly encourage to read FAQ’s if you got any price, proper time to order and ingredient questions.

First, I’d love to hear what your favorite flavors are. What colors you’re envisioning. If there are any specific herbs you love simply for their flavor. We can keep it deliciously simple, or get as witchy and intentional as can be. What does this mean? I want to hear all about your intentions for this celebration. Maybe your star sign, moon and/or rising are important. Are you wanting to open or close a cycle, season? The more you tell me about it, the better I will know what herbs come into play, and these can be as fresh herbals, tinctures, glycerites, flower essences, liqueurs.

Ok, but maybe you’re not looking for a cake. You want cupcakes, cookies, chocolate bars? Or something else? Let’s chat more and fill in the form below.

But wait… You just want something quick and simple, and not even think about it. Perfect! Jump to our Staple & Seasonal Cakes, and get it over and done with.

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